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22 January 2008 @ 10:14 pm
Not a good day...  

I'm going to take Blade376's (great guy, here and on youtube) advice from his latest video and try to write a little at least each day. I've got a fair bit to talk about today.

I got up late first thing so I didn't have time to have any breakfast which was the most annoying part, I was almost late for school.

I then got shitted in maths because my homework wasn't as good as it should have been, that was hardly my fault! She's giving us A* level work when I'm just happy to get a B.

Then in the lesson before dinner after suffering all day without food, we get kept behind because people were talking and I didn't get my dinner for about 20 minutes. When I DID finally get it my friend (singular) had abandoned me so I was forced to sit with people I didn't know and who obviously didn't want me there. Thats the problem. I'm not hated, people would just rather not be around me and they want me to know that.

So generally not a good day. I was feeling a little better after dinner though and half an hour of blasting out tunes on my iPod on my way home did me good. I spent a few hours with my mate Rhys which was pretty fun then when I get back on here once he's gone the laptop ballses up which is most annoying. I finally have the internet on here *canned cheer* and I'm really happy about that but this laptop is just slow sometimes and it really bugs me because I loose things... I almost lost 10 minutes of footage that I'd managed to cut down and edit from 20. I've been spending a lot of time on YouTube lately *coughRacheyaV2cough* with my new camera and... yeah...

I'm not feeling the best today, maybe I will tomorrow...

Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated