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confusedlunatic formerly known as i_am_the_hbp

i_am_the_hbp has moved home to a brand spanking new journal which is gonna be a lot tider than my old one. Here is my intro from my old journal to give you some background info

My Name is A and im 15.
Okay since you convinced me Ill start with why I am called A.
Well once upon a time a 13 year old girl found a harry potter site called Snitchseeker completely by accident and without even looking properly she joined, a stupid thing to do but the nice colours for the different user groups impressed her deeply. She went on to become well known there and about 3 or 4 months later her friend Rachel (same name, spelt different) stole her name! *gasp* and refused to give it back, despite being chased around in user notes and chat threads. So rachel agreed to give her back the A because she didnt need it so voila! the name A was created and Rachael has gone around the cyber world for about a year being called A.

you can see what I like by my interests so im not going to go into too much detail about that but I really like making graphics, Harry Potter and House MD.

I would rate my graphic making at about intermediate. My icons dont look like theyve been thrown through a blender yet they dont look all cool and shiny.


Graphics Stuff

Resources post can be found here
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So friend me, I'm lonely :(

<333 A